Motor Massive, Global Time Attack, 86 Fest: Everything You’ll Want In One Place

Motor Massive, Global Time Attack, 86 Fest: Everything You'll Want In One Place

by David Kim


Toss in a little Global Time Attack into the mixing bowl, add a little 86Fest into the mix, include a touch of Auto Club Speedway, then sprinkle in everything motorsport to make yourself a delicious treat of Motor Massive. Served on a beautiful, but very hot, Sunday afternoon is the collaborative affair between GTA and 86Fest to bring one massive automotive event to Southern California, and yes, I was probably a little hungry at the time of writing this, but this event really catered to literally all forms of automotive interests. Want a slice of high performance time attack racing, sure, it’s only a few steps this way.


GTA always brings in some of the fastest and most competitive drivers throughout North America, and is the best place to experience the surreal feelings of being so close to full blown race machines.
However, it’s also inspiring to witness everyday cars and drivers taking on the time attack challenge, and with the inclusion of 86Fest’s high performance racers throughout the event, there was no shortest of raw entertainment. 
Number 17, Ford Fiesta making the magic happen on Turn 1 right after the long front straight! 
STI versus Evo.
A simple and purpose built AE86.

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