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Josh Herron’s Synopsis of the 2009 Formula D Season

Moto IQ Staff Report

The 2009 Formula D Pro Drift Season is wrapped up and in the can. While we are waiting for the end of the 2010 Silly Season and busying ourselves for Formula D’s 2010 opener in Long Beach, we spotted this video overview of the 2009 season by Josh Herron. We at MotoIQ have been longtime fans of Josh’s work. His capability with a camera and post production magic not only captures the motion and rapid fire action of Pro Drifting but also strikes a genuine emotional chord that great video can do.

Josh’s work can be compared to the great Bruce Brown of “On Any Sunday” and numerous surf films fame or even the opening sequences of “Top Gun”. Josh’s images capture the dichotomy of beautiful delicateness and mechanical violence that is the sport of drifting with interplay of light, shadow and motion. The subject matter is right on as well. As part of the Formula D circus, we were there to witness many things and so was Josh to capture many of the key dramatic moments of the season. It’s amazing just how many memorable moments that we personally witnessed that are captured on this video.

As part of what was going on, let us tell you that Josh is showing a true representation of what went down, amazing when its one man with one camera. Josh gets the results that would take an army of studio corporate pros to pull off! So check it out, enjoy and afterwards go rip around get sideways!

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