Nissan’s MR16DDT 1.6L Direct Injection Turbo Engine


Here’s the engine bay of the 2010 Nissan Juke.

Here’s a pretty cool video from the JDM magazine 4×4. It’s a pretty cool video that visualizes all of the features of the MR16DDT. 

Nissan is still making the most exciting Japanese engines out of the Japanese manufacturers in my opnion. The VQ37, VR38, VK50, and now the MR16 are all exciting engines. Forget about Toyota and their Camry spec excitement engines. Subaru’s are ok if you’re into fragile flat engines that sound off. Mitsubishi only has the 4B11T. Honda only has the K20A. Mazda has the MZR and DISI engines, but I’m interested in seeing what the up and coming Sky engines from Mazda are all about. You know any company that has been making a rotary for 40 plus years is passionate about anything they make.

It’s unfortunate, but the governments and tree huggers of the world are demanding smaller, cleaner engines with less output. The 2016 CAFE requirements of 35.5mpg are bollocks (I always wanted to use that word), but as as long as there’s people wanting to go faster, I guess job security isn’t going to be an issue for me (and the turbo manufacturers).

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