Project S2000: Part 22 – Testing New Goods and More Intake Mods


Better yet is the ability to adjust the advanced setting from my phone such as the AE Metering.
There are three options for the AE Metering being Center, Average, and Spot. Here you can see how changing the setting changes the exposure of the image.
The first lap was a warmup lap with the pace increased on the second lap in the video. You can see the scenery pass by a bit by looking through the spokes of the rear wheel. Looking way up front, you can see the brake duct shaking around a bit. A couple of the interesting noises include the rear brakes and the whine of the rear differential. What you do not hear are any noises from the spherical bearings even while going over the curbs. Again, watch in 1080 HD. On the 1080p and 60fps setting, 1GB of memory gets you about 11.5 minutes of recorded video. I got somewhere around 2 hours of runtime on one charge. I’m not exactly sure as turned the camera off between sessions. On a recent bicycle ride using 1080p and 30fps settings, I got about 2 hours and 45 minutes of recording. That’s pretty awesome runtime!
One concern about driving with the spherical bearing setup on the street is getting dirt and grime in the bearings. It does not seem to be much of an issue. This is the front lower control arm; notice how the bearing is mostly shielded. This picture was taken after driving to and from Buttonwillow including going through rain twice on the highway.
This is the large bearing in the front lower control arm. Again, the bearing is mostly shielded and there’s no dirt to be seen on the spherical bearing.
This is one of the rear lower control arms. Yup, the bearing is well shielded here too.

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