TESTED: Ford Performance Cat-Back Exhaust and GT350 Valence


Shelby GT350 lower valence and Ford Performance Touring Exhaust underCompared to the factory Exhaust, the Ford Performance by Borla M-5200-M8TBV Touring Exhaust System Touring Exhaust is a lot lighter, cleaner, and has smoother bends to it. Replacing the factory resonator with an X-pipe further lightened and hopefully improved the efficiency of the exhaust, and the 3-piece design will allow us to be able to quickly and easily change rear mufflers or the X-pipe for future testing.
2016 Mustang GT with GT350 valence and Ford Performance Touring ExhaustWith everything tightened down, we were able to put the car on the ground for the first time to see how it looked.
Shelby GT350 lower valence and R wing vs stockNext to a stock S550 Mustang GT, the GT350 lower valance gives the rear of the Mustang a more aggressive and full stance since it sits lower than the factory ‘diffuser’. The quad tip exhaust looks classy yet menacing, and from the rear when combined with the GT350R wing, our California Special is now a far cry from the looks of a base Mustang GT.
Palm Beach Dyno on the dynoAfter enjoying the new look of our Mustang for a while, we went back to Palm Beach Dyno to see how much power the new exhaust made.
GT350 lower valence and Ford Performance Exhaust on the dynoStrapped back on the rollers, we were looking forward to seeing what the effect of the x-pipe and freer flowing mufflers would have.

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