VQ35 Dyno v1.0

VQ35DE long block development at Cosworth is happening now. 362hp normally aspirated with stock compression and bottom end is pretty damn good with only Cosworth bolt on parts to improve air flow (CNC ported heads, cams, plenum) and tuning. Our dyno is pretty selfish with horsepower too. Keep in mind we are using an early 287hp engine (that baselined at 289hp) so we have effectively gained 73hp without touching the bottom end. We are using generic headers at the moment to simulate a real world application for all the cheap asses with ebay headers. Real headers coming soon. We are now over 100hp/liter now. Expect two different grinds of camshafts in the very near future. More to come soon.

Added 4/9: We finished at 370hp today on the 287hp VQ35DE. I got some emails asking me how much hp that is to the wheels. The answer is: dunno. I would estimate around 320-330whp if I were to take a shot in the dark. We built a Mazda MZR that measured 270hp for the Mazda drift team and on a Dyno Dynamics chassis dyno it was showing 310whp.

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