WTAC 2014 – Final Competition Day Coverage Presented by BorgWarner EFR



Woah!!! Team America actually got the ARK Designs BNR32 on the track during the two Pro Class sessions after the midday break. A proud moment for everyone involved, including your American nerd-herd that made it out to the WTAC. This was its maiden voyage and as much as we would love to report better news, the car never clocked a lap time. During one of its times out on track the non-sorted GTR had to be towed back in to the pits. 
During its second lap of the day driver Steve Glenney (hired gun that drove the BNR32) was reported as saying over the team radio, “Car feels great mates….I think I got her up to 40 kph this time around!” LOL! 
All jokes aside, hats off to the entire team for taking on everything the ol' girl threw at them and never giving up. We witnessed first hand the amount of work these guys put in throughout the weekend and though the car was not competitive, it was not due to a lack of effort on their part.
Once the afternoon sessions were completed, it was time for the most exciting part of the WTAC…the Superlap Shootouts! The Superlap Shootouts are ten minutes sessions where the top five cars in each class get one final opportunity to lay down their fastest lap of the competition. We'll start with the Clubsprint Class where the top four competitors were separated by a mere second. The Superpro Evo driven by Jason Naidoo entered the Clubsprint Superlap Shootout in second place, but fell one position when David Lord laid down a 1:40.60 towards the end of the Superlap Shootout session which propelled him to second place.
After the Superlap Shootout session was over for the Clubsprint class Dan Farquhar's time of 1:39.97 could not be surpassed and he and the Royal Purple/IS Evo would take top honors. This Evo would be the only car in the Clubsprint class to break into the 39's. Honorable mention goes to Scott Stewart and Insurance Advisernet Evo 6 who barely missed the last podium spot with a time of 1:40.93. 


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