WTAC 2014 – Final Competition Day Coverage Presented by BorgWarner EFR



Before the Superlap Shootouts started some track cleanup was needed due to a couple fluid spills on track. This delayed their start and by the time the R35 GTR class hit the pavement the sun was already starting to go down. Luckily the R35 GTR class cars still retain their headlights, but this was not the case for most of the Pro-Am or Pro Class cars. The light did make for some gorgeous pictures though!
Though the HKS R35 GTR lost propulsion during a couple of the afternoon sessions on Saturday, the team was able to get the car back on track for the R35 GTR Superlap Shootout where Nob Taniguchi drove around the GP Circuit of Sydney Motorsports park in a time of 1:30.84. Nob was such a good sport that he posed for some fan/media pictures while he waited for his ride back to the pits.
Tarzan Yamada jumped in the Top Secret R35 GTR and pushed it to its absolute limits (1:31.73), but his efforts would fall just under a second short of Taniguchi's time in the HKS R35 GTR. Third place would go to Nick Streckeisen in the Willall Racing R35 GTR. 
There was only one class left to sort out…the Pro Class! With very little light left for their Superlap Shootout, the teams had no time to waste and needed to lay down their best laps immediately before the track officials called the race! Would Tilton remain on top or would Scorchin find the tenths necessary to dethrone the champs?!
In 5th place was the RE Amemiya Mazda RX7 piloted by Max Orido with a time of 1:27.34. A huge improvement from their time of 1:29.87 last year when they finished in 6th place. 
Just missing the podium was Taniguchi in the Top Fuel Honda S2000. The S2000 did not make it out to the Superlap session, but their lap time of 1:26.87 set during the earlier sessions would be good enough for fourth place. The Top Fuel S2000 also improved by almost a full two seconds from their 2013 time of 1:28.87.

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