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The third spot on the podium would be occupied by Shane Van Gisbergen and the MCA Suspension “Hammerhead: S13. Two of the top three spots on this year's Pro Class podium would be held by rear wheel drive Nissan S chassis cars, a change from previous year's where the all wheel drive cars have dominated the Pro Class podiums. Van Gisbergen turned a 1:25.71, which just like the 4th and 5th place finishers was almost a two second improvement from 2013. It is truly amazing what these teams have been able to do with these production based cars. 
Suzuki-san and his Scorchin S15 improved from their 1:25.71 best set during a Friday morning session, but they waited to do it in dramatic fashion during the Pro Class Superlap Shootout. He knew what Tilton's fastest time of the day was (1:24.94) and had his mark. His final and fastest lap time of 1:24.88, was set on the last lap of the day, and was over three full seconds better than his 2013 time when he finished 4th. So we had a new champion! Right?! Well not exactly, because right in front of Suzuki, Tilton was on a hot lap of their own!
Tilton went out on the Superlap Session at the top of the leaderboards, but they did not know Suzuki would be surpassing their best time right behind them. In Garth's mind he had the best time of the day as he prepared to run his final hot lap of the 2014 WTAC. With very low visibility Walden took the Evo out one last time with his eyes set on the track record (not knowing Suzuki would be running 1:24.88 right behind him). With daylight dangerously low Walden set off on his final hot lap. The entire venue was at the edge of their seats with one eye on the live feed and the other on the timing and scoring leader board. As the Evo turned the final corner of the track before lining up for the front straight it seriously seemed like the entire place went dead silent and all you could hear was the low pitch grunt of the angry Evo. As he blazed past the timing beacon everyone stared at the timing and scoring screen………1:24.8412. A NEW CLASS RECORD AGAIN! It was truly an electric atmosphere and something that you just had to be there to appreciate. Suzuki's excitement and hopes for a first place finish would be short lived as he was given the news over the team radio that Garth had beaten his just set best lap time and the course record. 


Here's the in car video of Tilton's record setting final lap…enjoy!


And there you have it folks. That is how we close our coverage of the 2014 World Time Attack Challenge. We cannot thank the entire WTAC staff enough for putting on an absolutely unique and exhilarating event. Do yourselves a favor and start saving your pennies now and be sure to make plans to come next year when Team America and the Ark Designs BNR32 will be back to, like one of our readers said, turn some laps in absolute anger! Now that the car is “running”, the plan will be to work on its development Stateside. There is only way to make everyone forget about the bad showing at this year's WTAC. Show up next year…and dominate! 


Oh, and there was some drifting going on after the time attack portion of the WTAC…but “ain't nobody got time fo dat” LOL!



World Time Attack Challenge


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