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We don’t just make performance electronics, we use them ourselves. We have a passion for making electronics and performance products that are easier to use and easy on your wallet, so more racers have access to leading edge technology. Whether you race on four wheels or two, at the track or in the dirt, sand, salt, snow or water, helping you go faster, set records and win is what inspires us.


Featured AEM Electronics Products

The CD-7/CD-7L color digital displays feature a super bright, high contrast, sunlight readable display and include an integrated glare diffuser and shade hood so that they are readable in even the brightest daylight conditions. They are designed to accept channels from CAN bus connections and do not include analog inputs. Two CAN bus channels are included so that it can receive and collect data from AEMnet enabled devices such as the Infinity ECU, Series 2 EMS or EMS-4, and over 77 3rd Party programmable ECUs, data loggers and devices!
Seven ultra-bright LEDs span the top of the display housing for RPM and shift light indication. Users can program them to ascend in specific increments based on RPM range, and flash when it is time to shift. Brightness is user programmable on the fixed color LEDs. Two large buttons are included on the face of the display, allowing easy page changing and memory resetting even with driving gloves on. These button functions are also duplicated on the rear connector allowing the user to mount remote buttons on the steering wheel if desired. Two additional programmable LEDs are located above the toggle buttons on the sides of the housing.

Four packages are available:

  • PN 30-5500, CD-7 Non-Logging Display
  • PN 30-5501, CD-7L Logging Display
  • PN 30-5502, CD-7 with Vehicle Dynamics Module
  • PN 30-5503, CD-7L with Vehicle Dynamics Module

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The AQ-1 OBDII Data Logger (PN 30-2501) and AQ-1 OBDII wiring harness (PN 30-2907-96) may be the ultimate data acquisition device for sportsman racers and track day enthusiasts with 2008-up model year vehicles! It reads and records data from a 2008-up vehicle’s OBDII port using a supplied connector on the harness, providing critical engine and chassis data with minimal wiring. Just power the unit, configure the OBDII data in the free setup software and it’s ready to start logging. It also has the ability to read and clear diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) from the OBDII port.

In addition to reading data from a vehicle’s OBDII port, the AQ-1 OBDII Data Logger includes 8 analog input channels, 3 switched digital inputs, a serial port for GPS, an on-board 3-axis accelerometer and AEMnet CAN bus cable for daisy-chaining AEMnet equipped devices into the logger and storing all data in one file!

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X-Series Wideband AFR Controllers, the Fastest Responding Wideband in Independent Testing.
X-Series Widebands are built upon unique, patented X-Digital technology and are the fastest responding wideband air/fuel ratio sensor controllers in independent testing.
X-Digital wideband technology is a proprietary, 100% digital technology and is what gives these sensor controllers the ability to read and report values more quickly than other widebands, which can help tuners deliver more optimized engine tuning and a safer overall operating condition. The controller’s high speed digital implementation ensures no loss of signal fidelity and full transient response, so it has the ability to ‘see’ changes in AFR that other controllers may miss: changes that could mean the difference in lap times and engine longevity.

  • Patented 100% Digital Technology delivers the fastest response time
  • Includes Bosch 4.9LSU Sensor
  • Factory or Free-Air Calibrate
  • Displays values in either AFR, Lambda or O2%
  • 16V System Compatible
  • 0-5v & RS232 for Feedback Control & Logging
  • CANbus for Logging & Daisy Chaining
  • Inline controller available
  • Independent Test Results on

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X-Series Gauges combine incredible looks, increased readability and a multitude of new, easy-to-use features! It is a must for users who want highly accurate oil or fuel pressure readouts in their high performance vehicle.

Visual improvements include a bright center LED display that is 87% larger than our original digital gauges and provides better readability. A sweeping green LED “needle” lines the edge of the gauge face for quick reference. A 33% overall increase in the gauge face display makes it easier to see at a glance. Thanks to an advanced single board design, X-Series Gauges have an incredibly slim overall depth of under 0.825”, with a cup depth of only 0.200.” This shallow cup depth allows X-Series Digital Gauges to be mounted practically anywhere.

Two buttons on the faceplate deliver programmability for peak/recall, standard or metric center LED readout and sweeping LED needle, and user-selectable threshold warnings. The gauges are AEMnet CAN-bus enabled, so they can be daisy chained together for use with the Infinity ECU, Series 2 EMS, AQ-1 Data Logger, or 3rd party EMS or logger that accepts AEMnet. 0-5V analog outputs are also included for inputting into data loggers and engine management systems.

X-Series Gauges are available for popular pressures and temp monitoring, as a GPS-based Speedometer, and “Streaming” Gauges for monitoring multiple vehicle channels through the OBDII port, or AEM standalone ECU.

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AEM offers a variety of in-tank fuel pumps and a 380lph inline fuel pump in the popular “044 style” dimensions that can support 860 HP at 30 PSI of boost!
AEM’s E85 Fuel Pumps (indicated by the green tops) feature robust internal construction that are designed to withstand the low lubricity characteristics of ethanol and methanol fuels, and have been tested to work with ethanol fuels up to E100, methanol fuels up to M100 and all types of gasoline. Flow curves from 35-90 PSI and current draw vs. pressure charts are available on the company’s website.


AEM Water/Methanol Injection Systems (WMI) deliver more features per dollar than any other WMI system available. The Controller Modules for its WMI Injection Systems are easy to program, and added kit enhancements like “Boost Safe,” color-coded wiring with a positive-lock connector, heavy-duty high-pressure injection pump, machined billet nozzles and a conductive low fluid level sensor improve system performance and simplify installation. AEM WMI kits work on high-compression naturally aspirated and forced induction gas or Diesel race engines!
AEM offers two different water/methanol controller designs: a Boost Dependent controller (up to 35 PSI) with an on-board manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor, and a Multi Input controller that works with an external MAP sensor, frequency based Injector Duty Cycle (IDC) input, frequency-based mass airflow (MAF), or voltage-based MAF.
AEM Water/Meth Controller Features (PN 30-3300 Boost Dependent – PN 30-3350 Multi-Input)

  • Run More Boost, Lower Intake Temps & EGTs
  • Race Gas Performance on Pump Gas!
  • Complete System – More Features per Dollar
  • Robust, Easy to Use Controller
  • Integrated “BoostSafe” Failsafe System

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AEM Infinity ECU

The Infinity ECU delivers high end Motorsports capabilities powerful enough for professional teams at a price that makes it attainable for sportsman racers. Infinity systems come fully enabled without the need for feature add-on purchases. Combined with AEM’s industry leading after-purchase support system, including free technical support, the Infinity is the ultimate engine control solution for both professional race teams and weekend track cars.
The Infinity’s airflow-based tuning models simplify system installation and speed the tuning process by eliminating many of the setup requirements necessary in previous generation ECUs. By tuning the ECU based on the Volumetric Efficiency and the desired Air-Fuel Ratio for the engine, the resulting calibration values make logical sense to the user.
The Infinity ECU is built around a 200MHz, 32-bit automotive processor and Real Time Operating System (RTOS), which is capable of processing 400 million instructions per second. It is dramatically more powerful than many other current Motorsports ECUs commonly available. This allows the Infinity to do more, faster, in a more stable programming environment.

  • The Infinity’s 200MHz processor allows the ECU to fully update the model more frequently than the competition, allowing the ECU to always use the most accurate, up to date sensor data before injecting fuel or firing the ignition, allowing the Infinity to control the engine more accurately.
  • The Infinity’s speed allows for more crank trigger pulses per revolution and at higher RPMs. This allows for more accurate ignition timing, which enables an engine to create more power
  • The Infinity’s more powerful processor allows it to data log up to 100 channels, each at up to 1000 times per second simultaneously, with no impact on the model processing function or running the engine

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AEMdata data analysis software is a free custom data analysis package for AEM products that features advanced 3D graphics, HD Video support for virtually any type of camera, and a user-friendly interface. High-speed logging is saved to a file internally or via PC connection.

CREATE AND SHARE HD VIDEO WITH DATA OVERLAYS! AEMdata allows you to combine vehicle data and HD video to review and playback vehicle using charts, dash displays, gauges, or custom displays that you create.

All channels are listed in the AEMdata set up menu. Simply drag and drop the channel that you want to analyze into a lane or gauge and it will display. Users can set alarms and program definable color changes for parameters of logged channels to quickly skim logged data for color changing peaks and valleys, versus tracing the channel log to find where the problem occurred. AEMdata has powerful features including custom math channels, x/y plots and histograms, stage or circuit modes and more, all aimed at making sure you get the most out of your data.

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