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Targeted Branding

We offer a number of highly-targeted advertising placements, product press releases and social media promotions designed to increase your brand’s familiarity among the automotive aftermarket enthusiasts most likely to buy your product.  Ad creative and press release creation services also available

Content Creation

Need help producing marketing material or a product tested?  We explain the complex engineering behind your products and educate customers while increasing your brand’s search engine visibility.

Social Network Management

Let us create and implement a comprehensive social media strategy to increase consumer engagement across multiple social media platforms and grow brand awareness.

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For more information on our services please complete form below or email sales@motoiq.com


    Video Production

    We plan, script, shoot, direct and edit engaging high-quality visual content either for co-promotion on MotoIQ or as a privately branded production.  Our productions will enhance your brand’s presence and demonstrate your products’ benefits in ways text and photos can’t.


    We can tell you how to make your products better!  We have staff engineers who can assist you in design and testing for your products.

    Track Support

    Rent yourself a Mike Kojima for a day!

    Racecar Concierge & Prep

    Need a place to keep your racecar and someone to change the fluids, bleed the brakes and get it aligned and ready for your next track outing?  We got you covered!

    3rd-Party Dyno Testing and Measurement

    We have a Superflow Dyno and access to special equipment for many types of product testing and comparison.

    Event Production

    We can run your corporate events, from car shows to driving events.  We specialize in technical ride and drive product performance presentations.  We’ve got 300 orange cones and we’re not afraid to use them!