100 MPG Madness: Project Aprilia RS50


100 MPG Madness: Project Aprilia RS50
Our Barnett  HD clutch has better friction material and stiffer springs to handle our extra power.  We WPC treated the steel floaters to hopefully make the clutch smoother.

The stock engine was breathing through a little peashooter carb which we replaced with a 21mm Malossi modded Dell’Orto which had all of the stock fittings making it a direct bolt in replacement for stock.  The reed valve assembly was replaced with a multi pedal V-Force Delta III reed.  This reed has 8 carbon fiber reeds vs the stock 4 fiberglass petals, twice the reed area as stock.  AF1 supplied all new seals, gasket and bearings.  Overall with some tuning we are expecting 18 or so wheel hp, nearly tripling the output of our stock engine.

100 MPG Madness: Project Aprilia RS50
The stock six speed tranny is the weak point when trying to get lots of power from the AM6 engine.  To strengthen ours, we first cryotreated the gears, flywheel and shafts.  Next we gave everything a severe shotpeening with hardened shot.  As a last step we WPC treated all the parts.

Stay Tuned for the next edition of Project RS50 as we continue to build up or little bike.


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