For Sale: 1992 Z32 300ZXTT

Own a piece of Mike Kojima history!  This was Mike’s dream car back in the day but now he never has time to drive it and we have a bunch of new projects to work on! With only 10,000 miles it’s almost surely the lowest mileage Z32 out there! And also the cleanest and most powerful. Also have all the stock parts!

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Asking $65,000


  1. Great to see that car again. I still own Sports Compact Car magazine which that car was featured as project car. Miss that magazine and that time.

  2. Good Morning, Mike:
    I own a 1990 Nissan 300ZX NA that I have owned since 2000. I am planning a V8 Restomod build for it. I am reaching out to you to get your suggestions for a durable powertrain. I am leaning toward a 600+HP, NA, V8 LS7 build with a T56 or (Heavy Duty newer 6sp manual). If Nissan made a Durable, chain-driven, low-hood clearance, alternative V8, I would prefer keeping a Nissan Powertrain. I reviewed your video on cryogenic treatment of engine blocks and appreciated your attention to detail regarding your build philosophy. I want to build a street-legal drivers car with safety (easy ingress/egress roll-cage), great stance, and reliability, and low dollar maintenance (quality parts). I prefer making my budget count, but willing to stretch budget for the sake of the build. If I had a bit more disposable income, I would build it as an AWD car with a transaxle; that would require some serious Fab work. There is a 300ZX on the East-coast that has a built LS7 with 585 WHP, RWD, 6spd man, built by LOJ Customs. That is what I am looking for. Your thoughts? I am in the Mid-west.

    1. As far as i know nissan didn’t make any V8 powertrains in recent decades but the V6 in the 300ZX isn’t a difficult engine to get some serious power out of with little modification outside of the obvious reinforcements of the block and bigger turbos. I’d reccomend trying to get your hands on either an LS1 or LS9 personally since those two are roughly around the same size while still carrying insane power and displacement with little modifications to be done also it might be easier to bolt a T56 to it since if you’re looking into that transmission you’re more than likely able to pay someone for a custom bellhousing.

  3. Wow I grew up reading SCC and still have every issue this car is in. Wish i would have bought more than one copy since I ripped out the pictures of this car to post on my walls as posters. haha I’ve owned several 300zx’s over the years and this would be the ultimate dream car.

  4. Kojima san,
    I too remember this car in SCC. I also still have all of the issues with this car in them along with many other issues. I remember that there was also another Z32 featured in the same mag. It was a green one I believe. I had 4 Z32s while I was stationed in Japan. They were all modded to various degrees, the last being the most heavily modded (602whp). Your “project Z” was the basis for the majority of the mods along with info gained from “” and JWT. My friend and I had a garage that we modded cars in and we also started a car club, “Chaos Car Club” I’m back in CONUS now and been since 2004. When I left Japan I had an R34. I wanted to bring it back with me but I let my wife talk me out of it. At the time “MotorX” was the only importer and it would have cost me more than I could afford ((wife & 3 kids). I sold the car and the guy that bought it only had it 3 days before he wrecked/totaled it. I was “heartbroken” to say the least. Two years ago I finally got back in the “game” again and bought another Z32. A Blue 94 with a complete engine rebuild plus 12000 miles. It had “bolt ons” up to about 400 whp. I’m fortunate in that have a very good Nissan only speed shop a short distance away. The car is now at 612 whp and I believe finished. The last work done was for strength and durability (shotpeen, cryo, heat coatings etc.). My plan now is to sell the car in the near future and buy a GTR. I have been wanting one for a long time now. I have been reading all about your “project GTR” and once again intend to use your info/advice as a guide along with “Switzers” p800 kit. Before this starts becoming a small “novel” I just want to say many thanks for all your hard work/efforts over the years and your “DEDICATION TO THE CAUSE”.

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