2010 Source Interlink Superlap Battle + Sierra Sierra = Domination


3rd fastest overall was Jeff Westphal in the infamous GST Motorsports 1992 Impreza L with a 1:44.586. The GST car suffered from a cracked tie rod (good thing they caught it in time) and some engine problems.

4th fastest overall was JC Meynet in his GD Subaru Impreza STi with a blistering 1:48.550. It’s worth mentioning that JC’s car is a modified class car which has to run on fully treaded, harder tires.

5th fastest overall was 034 Motorsport’s 20 valve 4 banger Audi that ran a 1:49.875. I don’t know much about this car, but it sounded crazy. This car was also a modified class car.

6th fastest was Kip Olson in the ultra clean Driving Ambition NSX that ran a best of 1:50.190. While this car ran in the unlimited class, I believe this car is built to SCCA STO rules which explains the ultra consistent lap times Kip was cranking out lap after lap.

That’s all for now. For more on the event, you’ll have to wait for one of the Source Interlink magazine (Modified, Import Tuner, or Super Street) stories. This story is just skimming the surface and I’m sure is missing a whole lot of action.

I think I speak for everyone at Sierra Sierra when I say that it has been a long and hard road developing the EVO to where it is now. The Glorious Leader runs a tight ship and has had us all working overtime in 2010 to get the issues ironed out, but that’s just part of making progress. I wish the World Time Attack was next month instead of back in May. It would have been nice to have another stab at the CyberEVO with Christine in her current state at Eastern Creek, but that’s OK because when we meet again and Christine is even further developed, the CyberEVO is going DOWN.

Sierra Sierra would like to thank their sponsors and technical partners for an interesting 2010 Time Attack season. I would personally like to thank Sierra Sierra for letting me be a part of a winning team, Brockstar and his team at BorgWarner for the trick EFR turbos, Brett and Geoff at Full Race for the exhaust manifolds fit for a Sherman tank, Marty, Brenden, and Nick at Turbosmart for the really smart Compgate 40 wastegates, Roland and Steve at Cosworth Electronics for the help with the Pectel ECU and diff controllers, and Cosworth Torrance for letting me and the crew further develop the Mitsubishi 4G63 even though it is old as dirt and the owners are mostly cheap (you know who you are). Trust me Cosworth, we’ve got the BEST street/road racing 4G63 on the planet and we’re going to sell more 4G parts for many years to come.

Here’s the Evasive EVO. I believe they ran it in the Modified class this year. I’ve always thought this is a pretty good looking EVO.

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