2010 Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge DVD Trailer

Here's a quick trailer of the upcoming DVD release from Motive DVD and Superlap Australia of the 2010 Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge. Andrew, Pat, and the Motive crew have put together another kick ass production of probably the best Time Attack event to date. I have no idea who will be handling US distribution, but I recommend you somehow get a copy. Even if 10 of you and your buddies pitch in to get it here from Australia, I'm sure it will be a pretty bad ass two hours with your car buddies (leave the girlfriends at home for this one). There is detailed coverage, in car footage, interviews, etc. from ALL of the pro class cars which should be pretty exciting.

EDIT: Purchase your copy at hioctanedirect.com.

Here is the newer, longer, more detailed preview of the DVD (added Thursday 07/29/2010):

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