2017 Global Time Attack – Road Atlanta

2017 Global Time Attack – Road Atlanta

by Erik Jacobs

For the past few years, Formula Drift weekend at Road Atlanta has brought the Global Time Attack series in tow as a support event. By day, Road Atlanta sees lap after lap of GTA’s classes pounding the pavement in pursuit of fractions of a second. By night, the machines of Formula Drift take the stage.

Road Atlanta is no easy drive. With 47 years of storied history, including Can-Am, Trans-Am, the infamous Camel GT series, and, more recently and regularly, the Petit Le Mans, this technically difficult track rewards cars with power and grip. How did these lap battlers do? Starting with the slowest cars, which are no slouch:


2nd place in Enthusiast FWD with a 01:52.308 — Anthony Cuthbert, #94 Dodge Dart GT, Baby Ferrari Racing


1st place in Enthusiast FWD with a 01:47.069 — Jamil Fields, #66 Chevrolet Cobolt SS, Slow Patrol Motorsport.


2nd place in Enthusiast RWD with a 01:44.914 — Nick Stentiford, #87 Nissan Silvia, Terrible Buddies.

It’s not often that you see an S15 in the wild as a competitive track car here in the states. At least not in the South East. There are a few S15 drift cars roaming around, but it’s nice to see the car in its natural habitat, so to speak.


1st place in Enthusiast RWD with a 01:44.280 — Erin Sanford, #29 Pontiac GTO

Erin has quite an amazing and extremely well-built S13 car that he uses for track duty. Unfortunately, due to a machining issue on a recently-installed transmission adapter, the LS-power in his 240SX was taken out. Since the entry was already paid for, Erin decided to wheel his GTO to a victory. You know, because why not?

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