350Z & G35 Traction Control

A couple months ago Dan from Advanced Motorsport & Engineering in the UK sent out an email with a press release of a plug and play 350z traction control system. It looks pretty interesting and would be a great addition to the severely traction limited 350z/G35 platform with its wack rear suspension geometry. Short of running a Motec, Pectel, or EFI ECU, this is your cheapest way of integrating traction control. Who is Dan? Dan is a professional tuner in located in Milton Keynes, England and knows what he is doing. He worked at Cosworth UK back in the F1 days with something having to do with track support I think.


Advanced Motorsport & Engineering have again developed another fantastic PLUG & PLAY solution in conjunction with RACELOGIC Traction Control (RLTC)


Utilising the very latest RACELOGIC CAN (Combined Area Networking) Technology, Advanced ME has developed, tested and validated a fantastic new product for all Nissan 350Z owners who feel that the standard Traction control is not good enough. The Advanced ME RLTC is perfect for those brave enough to apply supercharging or turbo-charging to their already potent cars and will ensure perfect traction in all conditions.

This kit is so easy to install it can be done within 5 MINUTES! No technical experience necessary! All that is required is a Screwdriver and 10mm socket & ratchet.

The kit comprises the following items

  2. RLTC Digi Adjuster (Black or Silver)
  3. Plug & Play wiring Harness for 350Z
  4. Velcro for mounting the Digi Adjuster
  5. Clear step by step illustrated fitting instructions

Benefits of Advanced ME RLTC

· Instant fitting and calibration

· No wire searching or soldering

· So quick to fit you can offer “try before you buy”

· Profitable “fitting” charge

· Increased tyre life

· Reduces the chances of crashing

Thanks to the use of the digital adjuster the system comes with

  • 6 cylinder individual fuel injector cut
  • Programmable wet & dry launch control
  • Adjustable slip between 1% & 25%
  • Adjustable cut level thresholds
  • Adjustable rev limiters (Within the stock ECU limit)
  • Wheel size calibration
  • Injector cut test functions

The Kit is priced at £850.21 +VAT giving a UK RRP of £999 and is only available through Advanced ME. Contact Dan Turner at Advanced ME for trade pricing. 01908 648955 sales@advancedme.co.uk.

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