36th Annual Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach



2010 36th Annual Grand Prix of Long

LMPC cars can be distinguished by the red markings on their rear wing endplates, mirrors and roll hoops.  The LMP cars have blue race position lights and blue car numbers.


The American Le Mans Series consists of a variety of cars racing side by side.  At a first glance it may seem that there are only two types of cars out there, Prototypes and Production cars, but there are actually five.  Let’s briefly run through them and their classes:

  • LMP – The Le Mans Prototype class consists of purpose built closed wheel race-cars that are amongst the fastest and most technologically advanced in the world.  The LMP class is new for 2010 as it combined last year’s LMP1 and LMP2 classes to make room for the new LMPC class.  LMP1 cars, like the Acura ARX-02, typically make between 600-700 horsepower and have a minimum weight of approximately 1,985 pounds.  The LMP2 cars have 150-200 less horsepower, but they are a bit lighter weighing in around 1,820 pounds.
  • LMPC – This new class is intended to be the “entry level” prototype class of Le Mans.  It’s a true spec class as they use the same chassis, engine and tires.  All the LMPC cars use the Oreca-Courage FLM09 prototype chassis and are powered by a General Motors small block LS3 V8 engine.
  • GT – The Grand Touring (GT) and Grand Touring Challenge (GTC) classes are where the showroom meets the tarmac.  These cars are very much like their street driven counterparts, though they have been modified to withstand the severity of endurance racing.  Cars in the GT class include the BMW M3, Porsche 911 GT3 RSR, Ford GT-R, Jaguar XKRS and Ferrari F430 GT.  They all make approximately 450-500 horsepower, have a minimum weight of 2,480 pounds and can reach speeds up to 180mph.
  • GTC – ALMS offers yet another spec series through its GTC class.  All cars are based on the Porsche 911 GT3 RS and can reach top speeds of 150mph.  The approximate weight for a 2010 spec 911 is 2,655 pounds, but it varies depending on the model year of the car.


2010 36th Annual Grand Prix of Long Beach

Production based race cars like the Rahal Letterman BMW M3 make up the GT class.

2010 36th Annual Grand Prix of Long Beach
The Green Earth LMPC car is Hella-functional!


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