5ZIGEN USA announces Black Lightning Mechanics Gloves

5zigen black lightening gloves

5ZIGEN USA announces  Black Lightning Mechanics Gloves

MotoIQ Staff Report

5ZIGEN USA is proud to announce the distribution of the Black Lightning Glove. Available in sizes M, L, XL and XXL, the Black Lightning Glove is a latex and powder-free nitrile disposable working glove.  The Black Lightning Glove has been supported by many of professional mechanics, because of its combination of tactile feel, lack of skin irritation and its durability. The Black Lightning Glove is designed to stand above other nitrile gloves with its strength, tear resistance, textured grip and factory quadruple wash.

5zigen black lightening gloves

The MotoIQ staff has been testing the Black Lighting Glove and we are amazed as to how well they work.  They are a lot stronger, puncture and chemical resistant than the latex and nitrile gloves we normally use and are much more comfortable to boot.  A feature we like is that they are less clammy and sweaty than normal gloves making them much more comfortable when wrenching for long periods of time.

Some Black Lighting Glove Features-

  • Made from synthetic polymer – (contains no latex protein) 
  • High degree of puncture & chemical resistance – (3-4 times better than latex & rubber)
  • Unique formulation – less sweating
  • Quadruple washed – no excess chemicals lingering on the glove
  • Latex & Powder Free Nitrile Glove – less irritation & allergy  
  • Textured Grip – no slipping
  • Sterile Medical Examination Use
  • Breakthrough 5.5pH technology!  Made to match healthy skin’s natural 5.5pH levels to ensure the MOST comfortable fit yet!

5zigen black lightening gloves

The Black Lightning Gloves are available from 5Zigen online store or any 5ZIGEN dealers and retail for $15.00 per box of 100 gloves.

5zigen black lightening gloves

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