997 GT3 Cup Car @ Pike’s Peak – Video

Andy put this up on Facebook a couple weeks ago and I thought it was pretty cool. He was there supporting this 997 GT3 Cup car with Jeff Zwart behind the wheel. This run was a qualifying run, but in the end this 2WD car won the Time Attack class overall and beat Rhys Millen's 2009 Time Attack record (which he set in the Hyundai Genesis) by 38 seconds. Not bad for Zwart's first run at Pike's Peak in a 997 Cup car setup for road racing, eh? Then again, a 997 GT3 Cup car has the advantage of being highly developed and superbly designed by the Porsche factory to be a damn fast turn key race car.

I knew Andy when he worked in track support at Cosworth for Champ Car. A couple years ago he went over to Porsche Motorsport and does some dyno work and track support. He comes from elite forms of racing such as F1 and Champ Car, but I never thought I would hear of Andy at a time attack!

Anyhow, check out the video (shot by Will Roegge we all know for his Formula D drift montage videos). Keep in mind this car is 2WD so it gets to be a handful in the dirt section. Also pay attention to the rate of acceleration when he's on the throttle. Its definitely got some balls for a NA car. And of course the flat 6 blasting through the gears sequentially is pretty damn sweet sounding too.


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