My Weekend At The USCA And Optima Search For The Ultimate Street Car

My Weekend At The USCA And Optima Search For The Ultimate Street Car

by Nick Betz

If you're familiar with me and you read my thoughts on my first experience at the Long Beach Grand Prix you know I don't do a lot of writing. I primarily sit in the office trying to get new companies to advertise/work with us so we can continue to bring you the in-depth editorial that far out-classes anything I can write. However I too get to enjoy some of the perks of working for MotoIQ, one such perk is that when the Ultimate Street Car Association event comes to town and everyone else is too busy to attend, I get the nod. Now I've been to some track days with K.R.O.P.S. but it's always been a group of us from MotoIQ that go. This was my first time going to and participating in a track event flying solo. I hope you enjoy my story.  

Now I wasn't going to this USCA/Optima event looking to take home trophies. I knew Project E36 323is wasn't going to be the fastest car out there, I knew there'd be much higher horsepower cars with much more development into them. I was just going to get some seat time and have some fun, but boy was I in for a surprise.


There were A LOT of high horsepower Camaros in attendance, it seemed to be the most popular new-gen car at the event. 
There was also a very large showing of classic cars prepped for Pro-Mod. My puny little E36 didn't stand a chance against these beasts. 
Another example of the competition, this Camaro from JDP Motorsports made my car wet itself a little. They also had a some Detroit Speed Camaro coilovers on display for you to check out. 
Along with JDP Motorsports there were some other vendors showing support for the event. Not only was Wilwood there to show off their wares they were also the title sponsor of the braking challenge. 
Hillbank Motorsports was also showing off some of their cars in both the vendor row and in the competition.

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