Project Lexus SC300 Road Racer: Part 7 – Sealing the Things

Project Lexus SC300 Road Racer: Part 7 – Sealing the Things

by Erik Jacobs

When we last left Project Lexus SC300, we had been fabricating panels to secure all of the electronics. Even for something as simple as installing a few electronic components, it takes quite a bit of planning and execution in order to do it correctly. That planning and execution continues in this installment of the rewiring series, where we secure the Autosport Labs Racecapture/Pro2 data logger and construct other block-off panels.


What's this? Another panel. What for?

If you remember from earlier there was a slight lack of diligence on my part in reading manuals. As the Racecapture/Pro2 datalogger wants to be mounted centrally in the car, bolting it to the transmission tunnel behind the switch panel seemed like a good option.


There are already some factory holes in this area that we are using to attach the switch panel, so we took some measurements for placing the data logger here.

Using the Racepak Smartwire means that I will not have to have many fuses or relays on the car. The Haltech pre-wired harness uses some fuses and relays in it, and I ended up keeping three out of the four of these. Ultimately, I can replace the fuses with resettable circuit breakers or rewire some of this assembly to be driven by the Smartwire. Here was another example of a compromise made for simplicity’s sake where it would not significantly impact reliability.

I promise, the factory sound deadening tar panels are coming out. Don’t you worry.


Nutserts again to the rescue! There just happens to be a perfectly sized nutsert for the factory hole.
This humped area on the transmission tunnel is actually where Toyota located the ABS controller. A relatively central location with lots of “protection” around it, Toyota must have felt that this was a safe place to locate such a critical component.
The Racecapture/Pro2 comes with mounting tabs preinstalled that have two mounting holes.
We wanted a little bit more secure mounting situation, so we drilled out four holes at the corners. This would also allow us to use more anti-vibration grommets.

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