The Blitz Electronic Supercharged Toyota Yaris!

The Blitz Electronic Supercharged Toyota Yaris!

by Mike Kojima

The Toyota Yaris is a vehicle that has been pretty much universally panned by the performance aftermarket. Can you really blame the aftermarket though?  The Yaris was not designed for any sort of fun nor would it win any beauty contests.

What the Yaris has been designed for is to be a bare bones B-Segment people mover, trundling meat sacks from point A to point B with the lowest possible operating costs. That being said, the B-Segment has been received with little excitement in the US market. When the segment first started to make its appearance, it was initially felt that these would be the cars that young people would flock to and there was a burst of enthusiasm with a magazine launched around the segment and even a racing class for the new sub, subcomapcts. 

Instead not too many cared. The magazine quickly died and the racing class has never gotten traction despite acceptance from just about all the racing sanctioning bodes. Yawn. Only a few young people embraced the cars with most either not getting into cars at all or coveting used older but more sporty models of the late great sport compact craze. There has not been much enthusiast love for slow, tall, narrow and stubby cars that when modified at best look like a chibi style cartoon of a modified car.

Still you've got to admit, when you see a tastefully done Yaris, lowered with a proper wheel/tire fitment it can look decent.  Sorta like how a homely girl can look good with the right clothes, hair and makeup. The main problem with the Yaris from an enthusiast standpoint has been the 106 horse power output of its miserly 1.5 liter engine that is designed to get 37 mpg and the lack of availability of any parts to get more power than that. Why bother you might wonder, well the one thing the Yaris has going for it is a sub 2300 lb curb weight!  In the world where there is something special for everyone, even homely girls need to find loving.

The one power added for the Yaris that does something substantial has been the Blitz supercharger kit.  The kit has been around for a few years and has been imported to the states in small numbers and sold by places like by Vivid Racing and EDO. We got to get a close look at the rare Blitz Supercharger kit on a Yaris sedan that came to the palatial MotoIQ Megashop to be dynoed.

The Blitz Yaris Supercharger is a small positive displacement roots blower.  It is not unique or trick in any other way than its tiny size.  It is a two lobe, straight rotor, external compression design, no twisted or spiral rotors with efficiency gaining internal compression, just a good old fashioned roots blower. The classic design and small size which has a lot of internal leakage to displacement probably limits the adiabatic efficiency to somewhere in the 50% range and low boost pressures. This is pretty low compared to a modern twisted rotor or screw roots blower which can rock over 80% efficiency.  Unfortunately, even the smallest 6th generation Eatons are too big for this application. 
What is cool about the Blitz Yaris supercharger is that it is controlled by an electronic clutch.  the supercharger has two different boost levels which are controlled by modulating the clutch.  The clutch looks like a heavier duty air conditioning compressor clutch and it possibly is taken from some other OEM heavy duty application.  The supercharger gives the anemic 1.5 liter INZ-FE engine some pep. The compression ratio is somewhat high at 10.5:1 but the bore is only 75mm which should make the engine pretty detonation resistant allowing the supercharger to be used with a stock bottom end.
The Blitz kit comes with a supercharger and intake manifold and is non intercooled. This makes for a very easy installation. Engine management is super simple; consisting of a tiny in tank pressure regulator that increases the fuel pressure.


  1. I like the underdog sleeper status of the little yaris and with the manual transmission its perfect for the mtn region I live in,which is full of luxury SUVs ,a little since of satisfaction in out preforming a $40,000 escalsde with my paid for (i brought it salvage title,so cheap) stock 3dr version I like the factual and helpful information on your site .I would take any other upgrade suggestions you guys would E-mail to me,thanks for your work

      1. This kit is now dosconituned, you can find them used on Japanese Auctions. We run one our project Vitz here in Australia, (Gorilla Industires). Its been a great upgrade and in 4 years and multiple track days, I have had not a single issue. Nolw with a Vitz RS Turbo LSD gearbox, its just been the cherry top, but im now chasing more power. I love driving this over my 550hp Supra lol!

  2. Ive bought a amr500 supercharger and it will be installed in a 1nzfe
    What other mods should i do to have a reliable running car example what should i change….the injectors??…fuel pump…??
    Im guessing the stock fuel pump would be okay to handle around 150hp….

  3. I drive something like this. Modified and took 2 yrs to build my 08 Yaris. I love putting newer mustangs, challenger’s, etc.. in their places. I’ve absolutely demoralized some drivers, especially since I’ma girl and I built my car 100% cuz fuck shops, I actually got my own now. Sorry, I drive a built not financed car. QQ. One thing that’s amazing with the Yaris is how light it is. I’ve gutted the hell out of my car and replaced a lot of stuff with lighter aftermarket. The low weight with a kit, makes this a beast. I’m currently converting my Yaris over for rally only and going to build another for drag.

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