The King of Speed, PZ Tuning’s Amazing Time Attack Civic

The King of Speed, PZ Tuning’s Amazing Time Attack Civic

By Mike Kojima

William Au-Yeung has been changing the course of history as of late, time attack history that is, with his amazing 2012 Honda FG4 Civic Si. Not only has William been dominating the FWD Unlimited class, but he has been taking the overall top times at GTA’s Buttonwillow and Road Atlanta events.

William burned up Buttonwillow configuration 13 CW, the North American time attack standard bearer with an unbelievable lap time of 1:37.308 at GTA’s Round One on March 2018. William followed up this amazing performance with a blazing time of 1:19.509 which is in the realm of IMSA GTLM speed and faster than the IMSA’s GTD class, amazing speeds for a full unibody production based car!

Is the PZ Tuning Civic full of exotic technology? Is its body shaped with CFD and verified in a wind tunnel? Is it an untouchable works level effort? The answer is a resounding No!  The PZ team is pretty grassroots and the car is buildable and obtainable by people of reasonable means, like William!

Minutes before, William had just smashed the Buttonwillow lap record with a history-making time of 1:37.308. When we witnessed this run we were amazed at the speed the car displayed. We had never seen a car go as fast through the Bus Stop and Talladega as the PZ Civic.

PZ Tuning’s powerplant is a K24A2 originally from a TSX. The engine is not an all exotic monster but one built of pretty normal off the shelf parts that anyone can get, albeit high-quality ones.

The engine’s list of modifications starts with the turbo system, which you cannot see unfortunately due to the K series engine having the turbo on the firewall side with the engine leaning back towards the firewall.  PZ Tuning built a custom 4-1 turbo manifold using fabrication parts from Vibrant Performance.  A Turbosmart IWG 75 internal wastegate actuator helps control boost pressure and a Turbosmart Kompact BOV helps reduce compressor surge.

A Borg Warner EFR 9180 turbo is hung on the exhaust manifold.  We love the EFR turbos due to their advanced performance enhancing features like a low friction ball bearing center section, a lightweight titanium aluminide turbine wheel and an extended inducer tip compressor wheel in a surge reducing ported shroud housing. The turbo also has a large internal wastegate which simplifies the turbo system. These features work to improve response and fight lag over conventional turbos while still flowing enough air to make the engines over 840 whp output.

The engine’s bottom end is put together with forged CP pistons hung on Brian Crower 625 rods.

The stock crank is used, nothing special. King XP bearings are used for the crank and rods. A Skunk 2 Ultra Race Intake manifold and throttle body are used to handle induction duties.

The cylinder head was mildly ported by PZ Tuning and is equipped with Brian Crower camshafts, Brian Crower big valves, valve springs and titanium retainers.

A Cometic MLX head gasket keeps the combustion pressure sealed and the head is held down with Speed Factory L19 studs.  Ignition Products multi-spark high output coils are used to keep the fire lit, even with high boost pressures.

To keep the engine lubricated under high G loads which can approach 3 G’s in some turns, a Hytech high capacity baffled pan is used with addtional modifcations for improved oiling by PZ Tuning.

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  1. I’ve been waiting for a Motoiq spotlight of this car!

    “Even a small air leak can reduce splitter effectiveness by 25% or more.”
    That’s a surprising amount!

    The parts used in this car is really top notch from the Motec ECU, Antigravity RS-30 Battery, and carbon fiber molded front wing with complex 3 dimensional elements-some of the best design I’ve seen on a FWD unibody time attack car in my opinion.

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