A Track Day with Nitto


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We want to take a moment to thank our sponsors. Nitto, WinmaX, GTChannel, KW Suspension, Cusco, Tokyo Auto, Sparco, Minds Corp, and MotoIQ. Oh yeah, especially my dad and Ryan for running the shop in our absence.

Point proven though, while all these upgrades are great for your car the single greatest upgrade that can be made to the handling of your car is tires, hands down. Perhaps your priority of upgrades has changed, or the urgency of you getting tires after you lower your ride has increased. Hopefully the above lap times help you put things in perspective.

Robispec Robert Fuller Streets of Willow FR-S BRZ GT86

Robert Fuller was also there. His Robispec FR-S is stripped, gutted, and caged. The engine has “everything short of forced induction” done to it.

Just a little tid-bit however I want to share. Robert Fuller was also there orchestrating an FR-S day. People on track were saying that he's had “everything short of forced induction” done to his car. His Robispec fully-prepped race car pulled a lap time of 1:29.497… just to give you an idea of how much more room we have for improvement.

Earlier in the day when we were prepping Kwan's FR-S for Bitterman to drive.  Look for an accompanying video from GT Channel soon.

The other point I wanted to make before I close is that you really need to get out there. If you own one of these cars or any other performance car, don't limit it to being a show queen or worse partake in illegal mountain racing. Venues like Aaron Bitterman's Speed-Ventures are there to show you your vehicles limits in a fun and safe environment. Get to know the capabilities of yourself as a driver and your car. Get out there!

Beautiful High Desert Day Streets of Willow FR-S BRZ GT86

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