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Beyond the Dyno is my personal blog site where I comment on just about everything that goes on around me. It does reflect my personality in that this blog is heavily imbalanced toward cars (like me) and that it is a little rough around the edges (also like me). While I do have a life outside of cars, I would love to live, breathe, and eat cars if I could. It doesn’t work though…..I tried it for about 6 years and I can tell you that you will burn out despite any amount of love or passion for something.

Beyond the Dyno is primarily for your reading entertainment. I hope that you will visit the site while having your morning coffee in your cubicle or office, before you visit that forum full of mostly false information, and/or when you’re just bored and cruising the web. However, I feel that beyond the entertainment, I offer on occasion information and tech about the tuning world, parts, engines, cars, ecus, turbos, suspensions, motorsports, etc. that you will not find anywhere else or would not bumped in to otherwise. You will not find it in a magazine, you will not find it on a shop’s website, and you sure as hell will not find it on a forum unless somebody linked it there. I think this is mostly possible because I have been living and breathing tuned cars for over half my life now. There are people that have been working with cars for much longer and are way more knowledgeable than me about cars in general, but I have lived and breathed specifically tuned cars. Companies I work with or consult for, friends, friendly companies/shops all over the world give me access to things, equipment, tooling, information and news that are tough to get a hold of (thanks guys).

I should also note that my posts can be highly opinionated and can be insulting to some at times. If you are insulted, it’s probably better that you just avoid this site if you are unhappy reading it’s content. I am not purposely trying to be an asshole, but rather I’m just telling you how it is. My friends who know me personally know that I can be exactly the same in person. As an example: it’s nothing personal if I state that your piece of shit boat anchor China made bar and plate intercooler is 2.2x the weight and your American made bar and plate intercooler is 1.7x the weight of a superior Japanese or American tube and fin construction intercooler. It’s just a fact that I am pointing out.

Lastly, the views and opinions expressed on this blog are my views and opinions only unless I state otherwise. They do not reflect the opinions of my employer (Cosworth), the web host of Beyond the Dyno (XS Engineering), my friends that gave me my first shot at blogging (JDM Insider), or any of the magazines I write for on occasion.

Feel free to comment, drop me an email, or whatever if you have questions, comments, or insults. I will generally reply if time permits. I hope you enjoy the site until then.

Here are some companies I would like to thank for the past, present, and future. Without them, my career and this blog would not exist. Whether good or bad influences, they have shaped me one way or another.

Cosworth LLC
Cosworth Ltd.
Pi Research
XS Engineering, Inc.
Apex Integration
Apexi Japan
ARK Design Japan
ARK Design USA
Dynamic Autosports
Endless Motorsports
New Image
Area 51 Motorsports
Under Pressure R&D (UPRD)
Hayashi Racing
Pro Turbo
JG Engine Dynamics
Shinzo’s Auto Service
Alhambra High School (specifically Mr. Marriott, my auto shop teacher)
Rotary Power
Racing Beat
Paeco Industries
Work Wheel
SSR Wheel
Volk Racing/RAYS
Ezekiel Clothing
RC Engineering
Pro Motion Distributing
Tomei Powered
Turbo Magazine
Import Tuner Magazine
Modified Magazine
Super Street Magazine
DSPORT Magazine
Sport Compact Car Magazine
Zig Zag Asia/GT Channel/Best Motoring
Option/Option 2 Magazine
Carboy Magazine
Young Version Magazine

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