Achilles ATR-K Sport Track Tire

Achilles ATR-K Sport Track Tire



Designed by Experts and proven by Champions. The Achilles ATR-K Sport is a street-legal tire developed on the race track in touring series all around the world. The ATR-K Sport has outstanding dry grip, features an aggressive tread design and is finally available in the USA! The ATR-K Sport will meet your track/racing needs and will still allow you to drive home safe and sound.

Achilles’ latest addition to its motorsport lineup has been designed to maximize grip and minimize energy loss during cornering. The tread design ensures maximum contact between the tires and the tarmac, resulting in faster lap times and an accelerating experience.


The Achilles ATR-K Sport has a UTQG rating of 140 and there’s also quite the selection of very desirable sizes for 15″ wheels.






Achilles is holding a deep pocket discount Summer Kick Off Sale for the ATR-K Sport for two specific 15″ sizes. FOR ONE WEEK ONLY! SALE ENDS JULY 1, 2017!

225/50/15: Retail Price = $161.00 SALE PRICE = $80.50

245/45/15: Retail Price = $184.00 SALE PRICE = $92.00

The Achilles ATR-K Sport and its special Summer Kick Off Sale pricing is currently available through the following select Achilles retailers:


Apex TireEvasive MotorsportsR Compound USA



  1. Hello, would like to know if you have this item still on sale .
    245/45/15: Retail Price = $184.00 SALE PRICE = $92.00
    Thank you.

  2. You can contact any of the 3 retailers above to ask them if they have them and what the current price is.

  3. Hi , I ordered a tire from Apextire and I’m having trouble trying contact someone regarding it I have an order number , is this something you can help me with ?

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