ACT Releases SFI-Approved Streetlite Flywheels for the Hyundai Genesis Coupe


ACT Releases SFI-Approved Streetlite Flywheels For The Hyundai Genesis Coupe


Advanced Clutch Technology (ACT) is pleased to announce our new Streetlite flywheel, the 600665, for the 2010-2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0L. 



The Streetlite is a lightweight, single-mass upgrade from the dual-mass OE flywheel for these applications. It is designed for performance and affordability, without compromising a smooth idle. The one-piece, forged Chrome-moly steel flywheel is CNC-machined and features an induction-hardened, integral ring gear for increased durability. ACT flywheels are engineered for strength and allow cost-effective resurfacing.



Driver and spectator safety are a top priority at ACT. Each ACT flywheel is certified to meet SFI Specification 1.1 standards, making them legal for competition where SFI 1.1 certification is required or recommended. XACT flywheels come complete with an official SFI sticker and serial number, as required for certification.



The 600665 XACT Streetlite flywheel weighs 18.75 pounds, which is 37.9 percent lighter than the stock flywheel, resulting in quicker engine response and acceleration.



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