ACT – SFI Approved Performance Clutch Systems for 2013 FR-S

act, frs clutch kit, brz clutch kit, ft86 clutch kit ACT – SFI Approved Performance Clutch Systems for 2013 Scion FR-S



The sporty Subaru BRZ, Scion FR-S and Toyota GT86 all have drivers excited about swift performance, crisp handling, rear wheel drive and a manual transmission. Addressing the common concern of soft and vague clutch feel, ACT proudly announces solutions developed specifically to enhance the driving experience, as well as providing extra torque capacity for future engine upgrades.

ACT’s new performance clutch systems for these applications include a Heavy Duty pressure plate, a Streetlite or Prolite flywheel, choice of disc, release bearing, pilot bearing and alignment tool. The Heavy Duty pressure plate offers a sportier feel with substantially improved feedback as compared to the soft and numb OE pedal feel while also providing a 70% clamp load load increase over the stock unit. ACT flywheels are well known for safely lowering the moment of inertia, allowing quicker acceleration without the engine modifications.


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The ACT Street kits combine the Heavy Duty pressure plate with a performance organic street disc. The disc features premium organic friction materials able to withstand increased heat and abuse, steel-backed linings for high-burst strength and modifications engineered for quicker shifting. The ACT Street clutch kit provides smooth engagement and significantly improved durability. These kits meet SFI Spec 1.1 and have an increased torque capacity of 270 ft-lb.


act, frs clutch kit, brz clutch kit, ft86 clutch kit


The ACT Race clutch kits combine the Heavy Duty pressure plate with a cerametallic Xtreme Race disc, which is available in 6 and 4-pad spring-centered and rigid-hub designs. These discs are very durable while allowing for quick shifting. The Xtreme Race discs are for high-powered engines and recommended for track use only. These kits meet SFI Spec 1.1 and will hold 345 ft-lb. of torque.


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ACT clutches deliver the maximum holding power through applying a series of sound engineering advancements to new — not rebuilt — components that maximize load and reduce flex. The result is maximum torque capacity, long life and clean, fast shifting. 

ACT is a premier clutch manufacturer that has more than 700 different applications and more than 1,300 performance clutch kits. The company’s product line features clutches and forged flywheels for the most popular vehicles in the Domestic, Sport Compact, European, and Truck markets. ACT is headquartered in Lancaster, Calif.


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