Adventures in China & Hong Kong, Part 2


hong kong
That's Paco on the left and Timmy on the right squinting from the sun. We were illegally parked there because we ran into 7-11 to buy some drinks. It was a cooler day so we were just hanging out and talking for a little bit. Neither Paco or Timmy speak much English so I had to practice my Cantonese.

Paco wanted to take us to a kick ass restaurant and pick something up so we took a drive out to the New Territories. The NT is less densely populated and land is a bit more plentiful out that way. The salvage yards and larger automotive related businesses tend to be out that way. There are also a lot of older structures out this way. The Chinese government built a lot of stuff out here before and during the turn of the 20th century.

new territories hong kong
This temple was built in the late 1800s.

hong kong high rise apartment
Then less than a mile away, you have these massive high rise apartments. There are so many of these high rise apartment building clusters throughout HK it's ridiculous. Land is scarce so they build vertical. Real estate isn't cheap at all either.

new territories restaurant
I do not know the name of this restaurant, but the food was super ultra good. To be honest, if you don't speak Chinese and know your way around, you'll probably never end up here. But if you know a local, show them this picture and have them take you here.

new territories restaurant
My memory is so bad, but I believe this is either pig's feet or pig's ear, ox tail, and fish ball soup with rice noodles. Being a Westerner, I'm not ordinarily down with odd ball animal parts, but this was damn good. Once the restaurant sells out of stuff, they close. They close almost daily by 1pm usually I'm told. The restaurant was super busy and they don't mess around. Once you're done eating, they kick your ass out.

Later that night, we headed back to HK and met up with Ivan. Ivan is having Merstartech build him a monster EVO to race in race series in China. There are no race tracks in HK, so everybody goes to China to race. Anyhow, Ivan rolled up in his dual purpose R35.

ivan szetos r35
Painted in some kind of chameleon Japanese Mazoora color on SSR wheels, this car looks dope in person. My crappy photo taking skills do not do it justice. Ivan ran his R35 in the 2010 Macau Grand Prix, but an overheated diff caused some issues.

We met up near Repulse Bay (I think) and were having some beers by the water. It was a warm tropical night and the combination of the fresh air and water was perfect. You just buy your beer at the 7-11 and go hang out by the water. Drinking in public isn't a big deal in HK.

Afterwards we went to a karaoke spot with big ass private rooms. I think you have the option of requesting girls to join you, but we didn't do any of that. We met up with some more guys and just hung out and had beers. It was pretty cool talking to locals in Cantonese. My Cantonese was getting better by the day because I was starting to remember non-automotive vocabulary. 

cobb tuning r35
Ivan had a Cobb sticker on his phone. Access Ports are all over the world and he's got an AP in his R35. 

birds nest
You know you're somewhere in China when a guy comes into the room, shakes some hands, and removes a wooden case from a velvet bag. In the states it might have been guns or drugs, but the guy opened the case and it was bird's nests. A couple of the guys in the room were making a deal on bird's nests which are used for a delicacy soup

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