AEM Electronics New Series of Tutorial Videos

AEM Electronics New Series of Tutorial Videos


AEM has begun to release tutorial videos to support their lines of powerful softwares and products. If you’re in the market for or already own one of AEM’s ECUs or data-loggers these videos are a must-watch. AEM is building a knowledge library ranging from simple topics such as how to download and install their AEMdata software, to more complex data analysis topics like creating custom math channels.

The first batch of tutorial videos from AEM are all here for you to nerd out to!


  • Downloading and Installing AEM Data Software
  • Tranferring Data Logs from InfinityTuner to AEMdata
  • Building a Custom Layout in AEMdata
  • Transferring Data Logs from CD-5 & CD-7 Dashes to AEMdata
  • Maths Channels in AEMdata
  • Creating Video Overlays in AEMdata
  • How to Make Track Maps in AEMdata
  • AQ-1 OBD2 Logger Setup


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