AEM Infinity ECU – Powers Global Rallycross SuperCar Lites

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AEM Infinity ECU – Powers Global Rallycross SuperCar Lites


AEM is proud to announce that its Infinity stand-alone programmable engine management system was selected by Olsbergs MSE for use in its new Global Rallycross (GRC) SuperCar Lites program. The Infinity ECU was chosen by Olsbergs MSE for its power, flexibility and durability, as these purpose-built Rallycross cars are specifically designed to withstand the abuses incurred in Global Rallycross competition. The Infinity’s tuning power and processing speed, combined with a fully sealed enclosure able to withstand harsh environments made the it the ideal engine management system for these cars.



In addition to the tuning capability of the ECU, the teams will also rely on the Infinity’s state-of-the-art data logging capabilities and on-board wideband air/fuel controllers for accurate air/fuel readings and calibrations. The cars are also using AEM’s 4-Channel Coil Driver to drive the ignition coils.

AEM worked directly with Olsbergs MSE on the integration of the Infinity onto the SuperCar Lites. Andreas Eriksson, CEO of Olsbergs MSE stated, “I am pleased to work with AEM in this program and with their commitment to develop a system that meets Rallycross requirements. Rallycross is an extreme sport that demands extremely good quality and I believe that the AEM Infinity system and their support are the future of engine management in this sport.”



The Infinity EMS delivers high-end engine control for the racing masses, providing technology, durability and capabilities that are typically found only in engine control units used at the top echelons of Motorsports, but at a price level that makes state-of-the-art ECU technology attainable to both professional teams and amateur racers. Built around a latest-generation 200MHz automotive processor, the Infinity is capable of processing 400 MIPS (millions of instructions per second) and is perhaps the fastest aftermarket ECU available today.

“We are very excited to be working with Olsbergs MSE and to be part of one of the most exciting forms of Motorsports today in Rallycross,” stated AEM President Greg Neuwirth. “The professionalism they exhibit is evident in their operations and vehicles. They spare no expense in ensuring quality and reliability and we are honored that our Infinity ECU was chosen by them to control the SuperCar Lites.

The 2013 GRC Lites class was created as a way for drivers to gain experience in a car that will prep them for GRC SuperCars. Olsbergs MSE SuperCar Lites are purpose built cars designed to compete in the punishing environment of Rallycross, which features wheel-to-wheel action, multiple terrains and long jumps. The cars feature rear mounted, Mountune/Olsbergs-built engines that deliver over 300 horsepower, 6-speed sequential transmissions with no-lift shift, AiM Sports dashes, tubular construction and fiberglass bodies. They are reported to accelerate to 60 MPH in under three seconds.



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