AEMdata Analysis Software Now With Video Encoding!

AEMdata Analysis Software Now With Video Encoding!
Updates to AEM's advanced data analysis software also features multiple improvements in functionality


AEM has released its latest version of AEMdata analysis software (v4.01.01), which includes video encoding in the software for overlaying data onto videos, and multiple enhancements that improve functionality. AEMdata analysis software is free software and can be used with the company's standalone programmable engine management systems and data loggers, including the Infinity ECU, Series 2 EMS, AQ-1 Data Logger and Wideband Failsafe Gauge. See a sample data overlay on Professional Awesome's video of their record setting lap at the 2014 Global Time Attack Super Lap Battle below!



AEMdata's new video encoding feature allows users to import 3rd party video, combine it with live logged data via user customizable gauges and graphic images and then export the final video. Incorporating and synchronizing video from an on-board or other 3rd party camera with logged data lets users visualize data more than ever before by connecting it with what the driver experienced on the track. With the addition of this new feature, users can create more compelling videos by adding custom gauges to the on screen display and share their videos with customers, sponsors and on social media sites. Users can add and fully customize the following displays:

  • Round Gauges
  • Vertical & Horizontal Bar graphs
  • Text displays
  • Images
  • BitMask displays
  • Radar (2D & 3D) graphs
  • Track Maps


Other improvements to AEMdata include a performance enhancement that uses memory mapped file views to speed up file access by 20x (ideal for Infinity ECU users with large data files), the addition of *.ellog and *.log file extension which makes files easier to find, and drag and drop of itlog files that makes them easier to organize.



Maths functions now allow for the correction of an improperly aligned G sensor, and an “Apply” button was added to the maths editor. A Bit Gauge was also added for displaying bit fields, which allows users to peel out binary data stored within a single value. Using this feature provides the ability to easily parse out error data by its function (TPS, for example).



A font scaling option was added for the tachometer gauge and the background of the tachometer gauge now updates if the channel is changed. Alignment and scale options were added to the image gauge and drag & drop capability of channels was added onto the dash and video overlay gauges. Dash gauges can now be moved by click-dragging them anywhere both in the video and data displays.


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