ARK Design Team America BNR32 GT-R Update


The rear vents in place.  The BMW ALMS GT car had beautifully sculpted dry carbon vents that were probably CFD modeled for flow but since Team America is a grass roots effort we had to make do with aluminum vent ducting just like you would use on your dryer at home. Hey it will get the job done for now and we can work on something better later as we develop the car.
The air exits out of the diffuser through straightening vanes. This was Gary’s Back to the Future addition.
Most of the stuff in the interior is coming together. We will clean it up last.
This area is the electronics bay.  It kinda looks like a wiring explosion has occurred but it kinda got messy during trouble shooting and will be squared away shortly. The Pectel/Cosworth SQ6 ECU, Pi Research/Cosworth Sigma Elite datalogger, and Motec PDM15 power distribution module will all be sitting on top of the white board. The Braille lithium ion B-128L battery will be sitting underneath the board. The B-128L only weighs 8.8 lbs and has 1482 cranking amps!  Eric says it is the exact same battery that some of the LMP2 cars use at the 24 Hours of LeMans.

The car has come a long way in a short time and we are probably a week away from doing some testing. Stay tuned for more updates as we get the car ready for shipment! (Update, the car got put on a container and was shipped today so if Eric has time, he will write an update).  The car is moving under its own power.  With no testing time under the car’s wheels, the team has its work cut out for it, stay tuned!

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