ARK Design Team America BNR32 GT-R Update
The Andrew Brilliant designed splitter is amazing and somewhat agricultural in appearance.  Given the team’s budget and time constraints, Andrew was not commissioned to make it look beautiful; only functional. I can only show the top side as Andrew made me promise not to show the bottom where the secret sauce is.  I can say that the bottom is not what you think and is very innovative to the point where I have never seen some of the stuff he has come up with outside of F1 cars.  The previous version you have seen was a plywood mock up but this is the final carbon honeycomb panel. The aluminum sections will be painted black later.  Even further down the road we will probably make most of this in carbon once the aero is fully developed and finalized.  If a driver goes off he will destroy many man hours of work and a lot of computer processing time.
The engine bay is getting pretty tidy at last.  The cowling and radiator ductwork will stay off until the engine stuff is totally finalized.  Gary’s body mounts including the aluminum support structure is pretty cool, all strong, super light and quick release. Removing the front end allows the engine and gearbox to slide out the front of the chassis.
You can see just how big the front aero is, it’s reminiscent of some Pikes Peak cars but I can assure you that it’s the stuff underneath this that is really going to get the job done. The front aero was designed to the limit of the WTAC rule book.
Gary works on the side skirts which are made from aluma-lite and aluminum. Aluma-lite is a thin skin of aluminum with a plastic honeycomb core.  There is a lot going on with the side skirts that I cannot show you or I will be killed.
After forming the side skirts on the car, Gary spends hours riveting and screwing it all together. No doubt Eric mandated those rivets and screws to be aluminum. Gary practices a pose from his days in a Filipino dance crew.
APR Performance custom built and supplied the three element wing that Andrew Brilliant designed. It was based on airfoils from APR’s GT1000 and GT250 wings so Eric dubbed it the “GT2000”. This sucker is going to make tons of down force and the whole rear of the car had to be redesigned to accommodate it.  It dwarfs the Voltex wing that had seemed so huge two years ago.  The wing has accidentally grooved my head a few too many times already.

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