Ark Design’s New Simple Turbo Timer

Ark Designs New Simple Turbo Timer


ARK Design’s Simple Turbo Timer (STB) takes an easy function and makes it easier. Spirited drivers know that oil cool down is essential to maintaining the life of a turbocharger, and the STB makes this an easy proposition. ARK Design knows that you don’t need your turbo timer to make you a cup of coffee, and have designed the STB to do what it’s supposed to do, and nothing else.



The STB comes with 3 preset countdown times that are selectable by a simple push of the switch : Green indicates a 30 second time, Red indicates a 60 second time, and Orange indicates an extended 3 minutes of oil cooling countdown time.



Covert Mounting – The STB is easy to install and is designed to be implemented seamlessly into your vehicle’s interior, utilizing an existing button space and making the STB as close to “set it and forget it” as possible.  A trim ring and mounting tabs (included) allow you to mount the STB in standard button locations or with a custom panel mount.



For more information you can visit Ark Design’s website –   Be sure to check out their current “bundle’ deals!

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