ARK Designs New Throttle Curve Controller (ATCC)

ARC Accelerate Throttle Curve Controller (ATCC)

ARK – Accelerate Throttle Curve Controller (ATCC)

Drive-by-wire adjustments by ATCC – Fine tuning how you put the pedal to the metal.

ARK Design’s Accelerator Throttle Curve Controller (ATCC) is an add-on electronics unit that modifies your vehicle’s drive-by-wire throttle signal output and allows you to modify acceleration response to your liking. The unit can be adjusted to increase or decrease accelerator “sensitivity” in up to 10 increments between “closed throttle” and “wide-open throttle.”
Control is the ATCC’s middle name.

Selectable control modes insure the best application for your driving situation.

  • ECO Drive Mode : Promotes fuel economy by reducing the throttle opening and sounding an alarm under non-economic driving styles
  • SPORTS Mode : Increases throttle signal for faster transient throttle response.
  • MEMORY MODE 1/2 : Two user-defined memory settings allow for the ultimate in acceleration control precision.

ARC Accelerate Throttle Curve Controller (ATCC)


Additional Features:

  • Throttle Opening Limit Display
  • Reverse Safety Function
  • Simple Adjustment and Control
  • ECO Mode Alarm

Car specific harnesses available for quick and easy installation. Also available separately for multi-car installations.  CLICK HERE to see the harnesses available.


ARC Accelerate Throttle Curve Controller (ATCC)

ATCC Specifications
    PN# : 01-0006X-00
    LED Backlit Display

Product Size
    L x W x H (mm):
    85 x 34 x 13

    Multi-step INPUT and OUTPUT indicators
    5-step Throttle Opening indicators
    5-step ECO Mode indicators
    Mode/Setting Indicators


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