Armada AEM BRUTE FORCE!!! Intake

About three weeks ago I walked up to my desk in the morning at Cosworth and there was this big ass red box sitting on my chair. I was thinking “who the hell sent me an Armada intake?” It didn’t cross my mind at the time that I had just posted about using a K&N intake. So I put it aside and started my day. Later that day at lunch Tyler said, “Hey Greg is going to send you an intake. Would you run an AEM intake?” I said, “Yeah I’m down as long as its not an xxx.” BTW, thanks for hooking up the BRUTE FORCE!!! intake, Greg. Sorry I haven’t called to thank you, but it is non-stop super busy at work so I haven’t had a chance yet. I’ll buy you a lap dance at SEMA if it makes horsepower. Dynosheets coming soon.

The Armada is at Superior Nissan getting a couple of things fixed here and there. I missed a couple of scratches, a broken overhead map pocket, missing floor mats, and the adjustable pedals were not working when I drove the car home at 11pm that night. Otherwise the Armada is a pretty damn good car and in my case, an excellent value. So far so good. It should even be better with the AEM BRUTE FORCE!!! (you have to yell and say it like you’re angry) intake, long tube headers, cat back exhaust, and some kind of tuning. My old school street racing buddy Brian has the Magnaflow exhaust on his Armada and he says it drones at freeway speeds. I hate exhaust drone in a street car so this is no good. I’ll have to research another brand of exhaust or fabricate my own. Bully Dog has their Power Pup ready for the 2008 Armadas now so maybe I’ll get be one of those. I haven’t figured out how to score the long tube headers yet, but hopefully the magazine editors will help me out on that one (right guys?).

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