ASF Machines Subaru Engine Assembly Tools

If you work on Subaru engines, ASF Machine is producing some cool tools to make your day easier and to help you do a better job!  The first tool is FSI-EJ1.0.  This is a front main seal installer.  It uses the front pully bolt to easily press the seal in.  No more finding sockets or round things and messing around with hammers.  Even the factory Subaru service tools require a hammer to pound the seal in.  ASF’s tool makes the seal installation easy and mistake-proof.  Putting the seal in too deep is a common cause of oil leaks after seal replacement and the ASF tool eliminates that possibility.

The video shows just how easy this is!

ASF also makes a cam seal installation tool that makes his chore easy and goof-proof.

This video speaks a thousand words on how this operation is simplified.

The rear main seal installation tool uses the flywheel bolts to pull the seal into place with no struggles.  It is really important to get this large seal down in place without tweaking it if you are going to not have it leak. If you use the Subaru factory service tool or an aftermarket seal installer, you know how you need some finesse to get it right.  The ASF tool takes the skill and variability out of this task.

The video shows just how easy this is.


  1. I have two Honda J35 Timing belts to do soon. I may take this concept and sketch up some similar tools and 3D Print them. #3DPrinterGoBurrr Thanks for the idea.

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