Aston Martin One-77 Goes 220+mph

The Aston Martin One-77 is too rich for my blood, but it's still a pretty cool car. The 7.3L V-12 is based on an Aston Martin block casting, but everything else about it is Cosworth designed and manufactured. I was never directly involved with the project, but I always heard about the various stages of engine development since the beginning of the project. The final result is a 7.3L V12 normally aspirated with dry sump lubrication that generates 710ps (700bhp SAE) and 533 lb.-ft of torque. The engine has four throttle bodies and tubular headers from the factory. Naturally this power is made through catalytic converters since the One-77 is a street legal production car.

Last week Aston Martin completed their first round of high speed testing. The One-77 hit a terminal velocity of 220.007mph in dry conditions but heavy winds. Not bad for the first time out, eh?

This thing looks murdered out in the picture. It is not, but the angle and lighting can allow you to imagine a murdered out One-77.  I think even if I could afford one, I probably wouldn't want one. The styling is a bit much for me, but I would want that engine!

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