Battle Evome at Tsukuba Circuit

Scorch Racing

Battle Evome @ Tsukuba Circuit Part 1

By Elena Nikolova

Last freezing Sunday I went to check out the second round of an amateur time attack race called Evome Battle, held on  Tsukuba circuit. The series was originally a Lancer Evolution event, but has grown a lot since then. The variety of cars participating now is much wider. I may be losing feeling in my fingers while I'm clicking around the cars, but performance-wise the weather conditions in the Kanto area (where Tsukuba circuit is) are perfect for a track day – sunny and dry, with temperatures around the freezing point.

Scorch Racing Silvia S15
The Scorch Racing Nissan Silvia S15 always draws a crowd.

What seemed to be the main attraction in the paddock though was another Silvia – the Scorch Racing Nissan S15, owned and driven by Tomohiko Suzuki – ordinary worker during daytime who turns into Under Suzuki in the tuning shop at night. Admirations for this man who is so devoted to his passion that he's brought it to a professional level. He actually has a film crew following him around, following every step of the way. Suzuki-san started building the car by himself after-hours years ago, with the help of a few friends, and the progress he's made since then is spectacular.

Suzuki says he has no idea if the car will ever be completed, as he spends only a few hours every day working on it. He's sure done some serious work there.


Scorch Racing S15 Carbon bodywork
Pretty much the whole exterior of the car is constructed from self-made wet carbon elements.


Scorch Racing s15 interior
The very light-weight body combined with the stripped interior amounts to a total vehicle weight of a little over 1000 Kg.


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