Behind the Scenes: Formula Drift crew


Dai gives thumbs up
Dai is ready to “lock and load!”

This team makes it possible for Dai to go out and perform to the best of his ability.  It's Saturday morning, 9am at Wall Speedway.  It's going to be hot and sunny.  There are still 3 hours before the gates open to the public for open practice and 4 ½ hours before the Top 32 competition will start.  Scott and Shay are working hard to prep the cars.  They are adjusting the suspension, changing out the tires and checking tire pressures, cleaning the windshields, and blowing rubber fragments off the spare wheels.  Luckily, nothing too drastic is needed this time.  Regardless, there's a well-oiled machine both under the hood and under the Falken trailer.  

The competition between Vaughn and Dai was exciting to watch!
Throughout the competition day, there were no real issues besides some adjustments to tire pressures and bumper swaps.  D-Mac was out after his first run against Matt Powers but once he gets a better feel for the S15, he'll be some serious competition later this season.  Dai advanced past Taka Aono, Rhys Millen, and Tyler McQuarrie to make it to the final run against Vaughn Gittin Jr. After a “One More Time”, Vaughn took the podium, his first of the season.  Dai placed second but remains in third place overall.  Vaughn, Dai, and Chris Forsberg (3rd) take the podium for pictures and a light shower of champagne.  Dai passes his to the crew for all to enjoy.  It's a happy end to the festivities.
Dai and Vaughn
It's business on the track but these guys all support each other off track and enjoy the competition.
Dai after the race
Congrats on a great finish Dai!
But the day wasn't yet over for the crew.  2 hours after the podium fun, Falken cars are still getting loaded in the trailer. Tools are being cleaned and put away.  I head back to the hotel to figure out a car issue of my own, but join the team for a very late dinner at a restaurant near the hotel.  Nobody has had time to wash the rubber out of their hair or even change their clothes. Not that anyone cares. It's time to share some appetizers, pub food, and memories.
Dai's S13Seth Ferraro
It's not just the driver or the crew, but a well set up car that gets to the winner's circle.Seth is all smiles after a hard weekend for his first Formula Drift crew event.
Scott and trophyMike and Dai
Is that any way to hold your baby, Scott?Mike and Dai sharing a moment.
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