Behind The Smoke 3 – Ep19 – Wheel Give-Away & America’s Tire Store Visit

 Behind The Smoke 3 – Ep19 – Wheel Give-Away & America's Tire Store Visit

Daijiro Yoshihara stops by his local Discount Tires/America's Tire to get his new wheels and tires installed on his BRZ. While there, Dai learns about the process and shows off his own line of wheels. Don't forget to watch all the way through so you can enter to win a set of DY-12C wheels. Make sure to like, comment, and subscribe. Music: “Cheerful Lighthearted Pop-Rock” by Akashic Records “New Benny” by Vassili Gemini Available at Behind the Smoke Season 3 (BTS3) is a web reality series about 2011 Formula Drift Champion Daijiro Yoshihara. The cameras capture Dai and his team on and off the tracks. BTS3 is produced by GTChannel in association with Discount Tire/America's Tire. GTChannel is a car video network on YouTube with over 15 million monthly views and 100 partner channels. Go to our channel to check out our videos and partner channels.  Check out our Facebook page for more car content. 




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