Bimmerfest 2011 at the Rosebowl in Pasadena, CA



This is a BMW with less than four wheels and is thus pronounced Beemer/Beamer, (be’·m?r) like “lemur”, the monkey looking animal from the movie Madagascar. 


This is a BMW with four wheels and is thus pronounced Bimmer, (bi-m?r) like “shimmer”, just like what the custom paint is doing on on the above E46 M3.


The guys from IND Distribution came all the way from Chicago to display a few of their pretty sick looking M3s.


The same IND Distribution M3 from the front quarter angle.  Challenge USA who was also a Redline Time Attack team in 2010 makes the carbon fiber lip goodness on this car.  Not sure how long that lip would last at that ride height though.


Brightly colored wheels were a trend that started in the Japanesse import scene and it seems that they are making their way into the German tuner scene as well.  


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