BMC Tool Racing Update from Thunderhill – Friday 12/4/09

So far so good. Dino piloted the BMC Tool Racing Panoz DP-02 to an overall pole. The next fastest car is the K20A powered Norma which is 0.6 seconds away. The third place qualifying car is a 997 GT3 ALMS car with a factory Porsche driver behind the wheel. It's going to be a good battle between the Panoz and the Norma.

For video updates from Tool, check out their Youtube page at ToolRacing.

If you missed the post on the car itself, visit here: BMC Tool Racing Panoz DP02 25 Hour Car.


As with any new car, the team has been going through some teething issues. Finally we have most everything under control. The Cosworth Mazda engine is ticking smooth and running strong. 



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