Bugatti Veyron W-16 Castings

Looking around on the web, you can find images of the complete Bugatti W-16 engine. This behemoth is 8.0L of fury with 64 valves and 4 turbos makes 987bhp, 1001ps, or 736kW. I should note that these power figures are actually on 100 octane ((R+M)/2) unleaded fuel. My buddy's boss actually has one who lives in Palos Verdes and the owner's manual says that if you want full power then you need to be on 100 octane. What a gyp, right? If I'm going to pay bank like that, it should be making the quoted horsepower figures on 91 ((R+M/2)!

Anyhow so Ken sent me a picture of this engine from PRI. There is a foundry that casts the block and heads for Bugatti (or VW or whoever) attending the show. This thing looks like a monster:

The picture is courtesy of Ken's iPhone. Imagine the mechanical clusterfuck this engine is if you had to work on one. I think it would be pretty damn fun to build one though if time and money were no object. With all of those oil and water passages, threaded bosses, machined surfaces, imagine the casting pattern and machine tooling for this block. No wonder why the damn car costs big $$$.

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