Bulletproofing a Ring and Pinion Gear


Bulletproofing a Ring and Pinion GearCheck out the slippery and lustrous finish on the WPC treated pinion gear and bearing!
Bulletproofing a Ring and Pinion GearWPC treatment extends into the deepest area of the shaft splines and threads.  WPC acts much like shotpeening but does not damage or distort even delicate finely machined areas of parts.
Bulletproofing a Ring and Pinion GearSmooth WPC finish on the ring gear teeth all the way down into the roots of the gear.  WPC helps the gear run cooler and quieter as well.  Some of you might care about the quiet part…
Bulletproofing a Ring and Pinion GearOur offroad racing friends tell us that Amsoil Severe condition gear lube has solved their gear breakage problems.  We will be using this in Walker's car.
Bulletproofing a Ring and Pinion GearOne of our favorite Walker in action pictures.  Yes we have run this one before.

Of course it will still be possible to break a rear end even with this treatment, especially if you are running parts that are way underrated for what you are asking them to do.  if your parts are like Walker's, where they don’t fail often but still do, these treatments will probably make your parts last several times longer or perhaps even indefinitely.  Walker ran our treated ring and pinion at the Formula D season finale at Irwindale and reported that it worked fine.  We think that these treatments will probably solve his future problems.


WPC Treatment 

Cryo Science

AFCO Shotpeening


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