Burns Stainless Announces Modern, Paperless X-Design Web Portal


Burns Stainless is pleased to announce a new web portal to assist customers in obtaining the best custom designed racing exhaust available. Racers and fabricators simply and conveniently enter engine specifications online, completing a new 100% paperless version of the iconic Burns Stainless Race Engine Specification Form. The form can be found at www.Burnsstainless.com or directly at www.ExhaustEngineer.com/technical/race-engine-spec-form.

Once the online Race Engine Specification Form is completed and submitted, X-Design is used to complete the design process. X-Design is the world renowned proprietary parametric exhaust design service provided by Burns Stainless to design exhaust systems for champions in all forms of motorsports. X-Design helps Burns Stainless assure their customers will achieve the most performance from their exhaust system by optimizing and matching the exhaust header primary diameter and length, merge collector sizing and tailpipe diameter. It has been known for years that the Burns merge collector is the best way to increase scavenging and improve exhaust performance. X-Design is the secret that helps Burns unlock the potential of your engine.



After completing and submitting their engine information online, customers will be contacted by a Burns Stainless exhaust engineer to discuss and finalize their custom tailored exhaust design to maximize torque and power. “The web portal has been designed to streamline the X-Design process for our customers,” comments Robert Ward, Informational Technologist at Burns Stainless LLC. “The new modern, device-independent technology will help Burns Stainless reach out and serve their customer base better than ever with many new features to come soon.”

Who is Burns Stainless? Burns Stainless is a provider of high quality exhaust components for the professional racer and fabricator. The company also provides engineering services for specific racing applications including exhaust collector and header design.


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