Burns Stainless – New Discount Pricing & Product Video

Burns Stainless Burns Stainless – New Discount Pricing & Product Video


Burns Stainless is introducing a new pricing structure.  As the company has grown, their customer demographic has changed.  Initially, they sold products almost exclusively to race teams and fabrication companies, with few end users.  

Today, as the Burns Stainless brand has gained popularity, they are seeing many more non-motorsports business customers.  Since motorsports businesses are the core of their customer base, they want to ensure they receive the best pricing available.  To this end, they have developed a new pricing structure that will provide discounts to any motorsports business, regardless of purchasing volume.  Burns Stainless will also continue to reward customers with additional discounts who maintain a significant purchasing volume.



Burns Stainless' new policy is as follows:

Burns Stainless has a three-tier pricing structure for our mandrel bends and straight tubing. Discounts on products are based upon the size of the order and customer purchasing history.

  • Tier 1 prices – retail, small quantity prices, are listed on the Burns Stainless website
  • Tier 2 pricing – available to approved businesses.
  • Tier 3 pricing, is available to approved businesses that maintain a purchase volume of at least $5000 a year.

Please follow this link to submit your business information to Burns Stainless for Tiered discounts: Tiered Discount Application


Burns Stainless also offers discounts based on order size as follows:

  • $750 or more: 5% off for Tier 1 customers
  • $1500 or more: 10% off for Tier 1 or 5% off for Tier 2″


As you can see, the new pricing structure still provides discounts for larger purchases as has been our tradition. Existing T2 and T3 customers who have already met the requirements have been “grandfathered” into the new system.  New customers, or old customers who did not qualify for T2 or T3 in the past can apply for discount status by completing the Discount Application Form. Applicants will need to submit proof of motorsports/automotive business activities such as magazine advertisements and/or business license with application.



Website Enhancements

As part of this new strategy, Burns Stainless' website shopping cart has been improved.  Tier 2 and Tier 3 customers will now see their discounted pricing online as they shop.  Also, the discounts based on order size will also be automatically calculated in the shopping cart.

To activate this enhancement, T2 and T3 customers will need to login to their account.  Existing T2 and T3 customers who have already met the requirements have been “grandfathered” into the new system.  To login, click on the “login” link in the upper right-hand corner of the home page.  If you do not have your Username and/or Password, please contact Michael at  Michael @  burnsstainless dot com




Burns Stainles Solar Flux
Aside from providing quality tubing and bends, Burns Stainless offers a large selection of fabrication and welding supplies.  Here we have their Solar Flux which is formulated to shield the back of weld joints from oxygen, dissipate heat and unwanted oxides, and clean the surface of metal.



Take a closer look at Burns Stainless' X-Design Program (computer aided exhaust design program), quality materials and craftmanship, and diverse motorsports involvement:




 For more information on Burns Stainless' fabrication products and services please visit them at:



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