Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is definitely making its way into our lives. As a lightweight, high strength, composite material (carbon weave cloth and plastic resin), it has many uses on race cars, race engines, aerospace, airplanes and jets, and just about anything else that requires a lightweight, high strength part. However, the last place you would expect to find carbon fiber though is in women’s shoes. I would imagine it would make the shoes incredibly stiff and inflexible, but it is to our benefit (men) that women do the craziest things to make themselves attractive to us (like being on Girls Gone Wild). If this includes wearing incredibly stiff shoes, then so be it. We should be glad that women are willing to look good for us.
Gianvito Rossi carbon fiber shoes, $1095.

Davis Bonded boots with carbon fiber heels, $575

Of course our favorite application of carbon fiber is a race car. Here is Alex Tagliani’s previous Champ Car Panoz DP01 unpainted.

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